The New Way to Celebrate

Wow… I had to take a minute to just think on what these last few months have brought to the table. Covid-19, what can I say? This time of uncertainty and turmoil has definitely challenged many of us in numerous ways. It has been an extremely challenging time for those in the hospitality and eventsContinue reading “The New Way to Celebrate”

Holiday Blues: What to do when you don’t want to party?

I am beyond excited for the start of this Holiday season. I have always been a lover of family gathering and all things Christmas. But this year I was met with the reality that everyone around me may not be feeling the same way about the holidays. An extremely close friend of mine lost herContinue reading “Holiday Blues: What to do when you don’t want to party?”

Unique Catering Options To Help You Save!

I absolutely love weddings. What I love most about weddings is there is little to no right or wrong way of creating your dream day. Sure there are classic and much needed  guest and wedding party etiquette. Aside from that your wedding can take you as far as your imagination. Any one who knows andContinue reading “Unique Catering Options To Help You Save!”

I know you can do it!

Events planning has taken a rather interesting shift in the past few years. The do it yourself movement and information  provided to consumers can seem overwhelming. But we here at D.E.E.P believe, just because you can do it yourself doesn’t mean you want to. Just because you can plan the party, cook the food, andContinue reading “I know you can do it!”