The New Way to Celebrate

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I had to take a minute to just think on what these last few months have brought to the table. Covid-19, what can I say? This time of uncertainty and turmoil has definitely challenged many of us in numerous ways. It has been an extremely challenging time for those in the hospitality and events industry. Friends, love ones and clients have found it difficult to postpone milestone events that they have been planning for months, some for years. Despite all of this our community have found a way to pivot.

We have learned how to connect and celebrate in ways that are innovative and fun. Planners and designers have taken the intimate affair to the next level. Photographers are extending their services beyond the regular photo shoots of the past. Virtual events have connected us with love ones from afar and technology has shown us a new way to celebrate.

We are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel now as things begin to open up again. However, there is still uncertainty about how things will operate and what will be allowed. What ever may come I am beyond excited to have been given the opportunity to connect love ones from near and far through my virtual events. Divinely Eloquent events planning had a chance to provide a virtual story time for mother’s within our social media community. We have had make up celebrations and mommy and me cooking classes. We have fallen smitten with serving our clients in this new innovative way and will provide these virtual options from now on.

You may want to throw 2020 away for all the stress it has caused thus far. We want to challenge you to take a look at all the good it has brought. For many it was the pause that they needed. For some it was a time to plan and redirect. Here at Divinely Eloquent Events it thought us a new way to celebrate. If you are within the United States, made a big move and you are missing love ones? Missing your girlfriends from college and have not had a chance to celebrate an important milestone with them. Take some time out to browse our virtual celebrations. If I said D.E.E.P skated through covid-19 with out any challenges that would be a lie. What I can say is even with all the challenges we came out with a new zeal, more tenacity and a new way to celebrate!

Share with us some fun things you and your family did to keep your spirits up. Did any of our friends reading have a covid birthday? We would love to hear from you.

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