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I absolutely love weddings. What I love most about weddings is there is little to no right or wrong way of creating your dream day. Sure there are classic and much needed  guest and wedding party etiquette. Aside from that your wedding can take you as far as your imagination. Any one who knows and love weddings understands that food and catering are a huge part of your big day. But not everyone understand the various options for your wedding catering and ways you can make it uniquely yours.

The plated meal is one of the most classic and popular serving options when it comes to weddings. This is a beautiful option for a classic formal wedding. You can always differentiate your wedding by the quality of food you serve during your plated meal. Then, those that are trying to cut cost typically favor the buffet option which is a great money saving option, but many caters have so much more to offer.

A unique way to serve your meal for a couple that is very warm and family oriented is a “Family Style” meal. This is when the cater prepares meals at the center of your guest table allowing them to pass the dishes to one another. A recent huff post article suggested that you can save up to 20% by choosing this little used meal option. This is a great way to save money and if you are a couple that wants that hometown Sunday dinner feel for your wedding a great way to personalize your day.

Another more modern option is a cocktail and food station reception. This is a great option for those brides and grooms that are ready to turn up and dance the night away. If you want your reception to be more about the party and creativity. Yet still want to leave your guest satisfied and talking about the unique food options, this is a great option. The sky is the limit with your station options; you can have fajita stations, pizza stations, local food stations, kid at heart stations with all your childhood favorites. Anything to match your theme. The guest can dance and mingle as they visit the different stations.

Both these options can help you save anywhere from 15 to 20% on your catering cost. A recent article in Weddingwire.com is quoting the national average for catering cost for weddings at  $4000. There are a great deal of varying factors when coming to that number. If you are going to throw a party as big as your wedding at least make it memorable. Consider the unique cost saving options above, break your self free of the limitations of the plated or buffet options. Truly consider your family, friends and what you want your reception to be remembered by.

Chew on the above options for a while! In the mean time happy planning and live passionately!

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